Pakistan Hypertension League looks forward to welcoming you to its 24th Annual Scientific Conference 24-26 September, 2021 at Pearl Continental Hotel, Karachi.

About PHL

Soon after the partition of the sub-continent, data coming from the medical wards all over Pakistan pointed to the emerging importance of Cardiovascular Diseases. This data contradicted the then prevailing teaching based on Western civilization. The initial hospital based data was soon supplemented by data coming from surveys done by the National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (Pakistan) Karachi, and other institutional and individual works showing a much larger problem than the original Hospital data could show. In the adult population it was clear that the prevalence of hypertension, Diabetes and Heart Disease were the main health burden. We had lots of the diseases of the underdeveloped world, and, in addition, we had all the problems of the developed world as well. Indeed a candle burning at both ends was, and, still is, our state. The recent PMRC study has now conclusively shown that in all provinces of Pakistan, in both rural and urban areas, in both sexes and in all ages, HYPERTENSION IS THE NUMBER ONE CHRONIC HEALTH PROBLEM OF PAKISTAN

Prof. Azhar M.A.Faruqui
Founder President
Prof. Saulat Siqqique
PHL President
Prof. Mohammad Ishaq
Gen Sec PHL
Prof. Abid Amin Khan 
Vice President  
Prof. Abdul Rasheed Khan
Joint Secretary
Prof. Ejaz A Vohra
Chairman CME
Prof. Ahmed Bilal
Chairman Scientific Committee
Prof Khalida Soomro
Treasurer PHL
Prof. S Harrap
President ISH
Prof. AM Heagerty
Immediate Past President ISH
Prof. Liu Lisheng
President WHL
Prof. Arun Chockalingam
General Secretary WHL

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  • Tribute

    Tribute to Maj. Gen. Tahir Iqbal

  • PHL Symposium

    Pakistan Hypertension League looks forward to welcoming you to its 24nd Annual Scientific Meeting