Over 70 of the world’s influential voices in the world of hypertension and cardiology, representing 50 of the countries involved in May Measurement Month (MMM) 2017 gathered in London on the 19th January 2018 to share their experiences in preparation for MMM18 next May.
During the month of May 2017, MMM sites were set up around the world offering free blood pressure (BP) screenings. Over 1.5 million people were screened across over 100 countries, with site locations varying from major cities to rural communities in developing countries. In some countries people had their Blood Pressure checked for the very first time in their life. Large numbers of screenees were found to be hypertensive and not treated, and similar large numbers were on treatment but not controlled. These individuals are now aware of their hypertension and have been given advice on the next steps needed to address their issue. As a result, large numbers of cardiovascular events will have been averted as a direct result of MMM.
From these screenings of MMM 2017 data from 1.2 million people is available and the first tranche of these analyses is now being completed. Findings from this unique data set will shed light on the links between Blood Pressure levels and day of the week, hour of the day, room temperature, body weight, height, diabetes, smoking, alcohol ingestion, established vascular disease, ethnicity and much more! These data will be used to create valuable scientific evidence to help influence public health policies and treatment to reduce the burden of global disease due to raised BP at a local and global level.

On the occasion of World Hypertension Day (WHD) in May 2017, Upon the initiative of International Society of Hypertension In collaboration with World Hypertension League Started the project of MMM17. This was an awareness drive to check BP of general population & target was one million people in month of May. We in Pakistan also joined the campaign from Pakistan Hypertension League (PHL) platform. We marked 13 centres & scanned around 25000 people May 2017.
International Society of Hypertension (ISH) organized a meeting to discuss the outcome of this campaign & to decide the further strategy.
Prof Muhammad Ishaq & myself (Prof Feroz Memon) planned to attend the meeting being held in London UK on 19-20 January 2018. We were asked to prepare a presentation of our campaign & ISH will decide to include in the program. Unfortunately Prof Muhammad Ishaq was not able to join the meeting due to illness, I represented PHL. 
13 presentations were short listed, Pakistan being one of them. 
I gave the presentation about Pakistan participation.  To create awareness we developed theme on red colour with heart shaped insignia, red caps & play cards.  We distributed awareness leaflets about risk factors for hypertension. Then all major institutes planned sessions for walk to make people realize how important it is to Know about Hypertension & why it’s important to treat. We also gave talk/lectures to the community, to students & to various organizations. These ideas were very much liked & appreciated at International Society of Hypertension (ISH) platform. Further program of recruitment of further puts till May 2018 was planned on a pro-forma which was planned &finalized. It will send to us in a fortnight. All the data would be gathered & presented in World Hypertension League (WHL) Meeting in Beijing in September 2018.


Prof Feroz Memon 

Vice President
Pakistan Hypertension League